Sun. Oct. 7th ’18

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Greetings folks,the wise old Owl here (ha ha)……. I know, it’s been a while….two moons, one eclipse and an equinox to be precise!…. see I have been paying attention just couldn’t bring myself to chatting to you. No, no, not like that, don’t be offended, it’s nothing personal……welll, now you mention it ,you do have […]

Sat. 4th August

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                                                           Here we iz…….. a little late, comme d’habitude!   Finally I’ve made my way back to the interweb thingy to greet you, my adoring public. Well, […]

Tue.19/ Weds.20th June

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     19th June huh?…….that would be quite a long time since I was here last then,  hmm, I guess I’ve got loads of excuses why that should be……not been well,too sore to sit at the computer tapping away, broke the laptop, yeah that’s a good one, it sort of worked very slowly but both […]

Saturday 28th April ’18

Posted on 28/04/2018 by Nigel under Bonheur Banter
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Hello, hello, I’ve heard vicious rumours lately from certain quarters that as I’m still shirking off my work duties then I should be using my spare time more constructively and updating the website and the blog here a bit more often…….hmmm, you know by now my love of teknology and computery things, I’d sooner “go […]

March 29 2018

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Ta daa………… the wanderer returns, or should that be turns up like a bad penny? Do you remember me? if not no worries, this will all be new to you then…..good luck if you stick with it!  I hadn’t actually ‘wandered’ anywhere, well only offline I suppose but three months of ignoring your goodselves is […]

Mon. 1st Jan. 2018

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   And a Happy New Year to you all, here starts another 365 days of possible chaos and mayham…… well it should be if we’ve got anything to do with it! All in all I shan’t be sad to say goodbye to 2017, it’s been a funny ol’ year as they say…..I don’t know who the […]

Fri. 1st Dec. ’17

Posted on 01/12/2017 by Nigel under Bonheur Banter
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Welcome again mes amies,……. eventually, I know it’s been a while again but I guess you’re probably used to that with me these days! ……….Wwooosh, there goes another day,week,month and now it’s  nearly the end of the year! I did keep remembering that I should be putting finger to keyboard and take up my usual […]

Monday 16th October ’17

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        Good morning world, suns just coming up……..not that I’m usualy up at this unearthly hour, don’t know what caused that, I’ll try not to let it happen again, promise!     So……..what do you think of the updated website then?……….wadya mean Errr… you haven’t looked have you?, you’ve come straight to […]

Monday 25th Sept.

Posted on 25/09/2017 by Nigel under Bonheur Banter
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                    Hello there, can I help you?…….if you’re looking for the rest of them they’re just out of shot over there. I’ll get back to grazing then. Well, Loti finally popped and had her cria last Saturday, not this saturday gone, a week ago……..yeah I’m sorry, […]

Friday 1st Sept.

Posted on 01/09/2017 by Nigel under Bonheur Banter
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  Welcome to a new month and welcome to some new ‘inmates’ to our Toy Farm!                         Here be four Suri boys,two studs and two companions to join the four girls,Lacota,Brooklyn,Boomer and Curly Sioux and our brown stud boy Elvis. ……….err, did I mention […]