Friday 1st Sept.

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  Welcome to a new month and welcome to some new ‘inmates’ to our Toy Farm!

                        Here be four Suri boys,two studs and two companions to join the four girls,Lacota,Brooklyn,Boomer and Curly Sioux and our brown stud boy Elvis.

……….err, did I mention before that we are breeding Suri’s now?…..No, obviously not, oops, sorry.

                                    We’re breeding Suri’s now!

Ok, well for those who don’t know, Alpacas come in two types, Huacaya’s (or Wooky’s in our slang) and Suri’s. The Wooky is the soft,fluffy ‘teddy bear’ alpaca that you are aquainted with from reading my drivel the last few years and the Suri is the rarer ‘shiny’ dreadlock looking alpaca,coveted for it’s wonderfully lusterous fibre ideal for high-end clothing such as ladies dresses and gentlemens suits. We have thought about diversifying the herd over the last few years as more people have started asking about Suri fibre at the fairs and fêtes but never done anything about it….  until recently when the opportunity arose to throw caution to the wind and purchase some females a few months ago and now another chance to chuck the rest of our money to the small gods of chance and haphazard decisions…….well, what else would we do with it?  only end up giving it to the taxman or some other ner’do well with a hopeless cause!

So please say hello to (the back-ends of):

Bonheur Raffael de Grand Fouilleze.

Bonheur Rutland de Grand Fouilleze.

Bonheur Romeo de Grand Fouilleze.                              and                                          Bonheur Silky Harris de Grand Fouilleze.



       ………..yeah ok, all very pretentious names I know but we’re presenting a class act here, it’s a high-end product we produce so they deserve a bit of ‘upper classery’ in their names….. and it beats Sid or Bert the alpaca in the ‘posh’ stakes ,sorry Sid or Bert no offence meant…….. none taken.   But that’s not all…….Oooh no, we have two more Suri females to come in the next week or so to join the four girls which will give us……….lets see, 4, plus 2, plus the 5 we already have,plus the 3 babies born……..oh my word  14 then!  that’s not bad concidering we didn’t have any a few months ago….. oops a daze!


                                        Mums  and babes were moved to fresh grassy fields recently much to their delight although since then the hot 35c temperatures of late have somewhat ‘browned’ the grass a tad! ……hate to say it but we do need some rain.

 It’s no good you hiding behind that tree Ivor, we can see what you’re up to with Eponine!


…….. matings continue!




       Oh yes I nearly forgot, we had some more slaves over for a weeks ‘work-away’ early August



……Rose and Andy,that’s the way to do it, splash it on all over……no,not on each other. I see son Chris kept well out the way, I think he knows how messsy mum and dad are!




        If all this excitement wasn’t enough we went and ordered some goodies from Peru to compliment our home made stock of wares……….

   A table full of colour, there’s hats,scarves,gloves,bags,soft toys,bracelets,keyrings,pens…..all sorts of goodies.



 Get you cuddly alpaca…..or maybe it’s more Llama’ish toy, good colours though!





                                                                   Bags for…….stuff.

              My mission now, should I accept it is to get all these products onto our website in some coherent order………hhmmm, I’ll get back to you on that!


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