Monday 25th Sept.

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                    Hello there, can I help you?…….if you’re looking for the rest of them they’re just out of shot over there.

I’ll get back to grazing then.

Well, Loti finally popped and had her cria last Saturday, not this saturday gone, a week ago……..yeah I’m sorry, late as usual, so what’s a week between friends,it only seems a couple of days ago!  She was about a week overdue and getting very ‘plump’ shall we say. It was good timing as friends Leanne and Nigel were here to witness the arrival. They arrived from uk on Saturday morning having driven down over night after work on Friday and then were driving back on Sunday ready for work on Monday…….what you call a ‘speed visit’, brilliant and great to see you.


Seeing as you’re here for a couple of hours it would be rude not to help with some work…….oh that’s very kind of you, how about some fencing then? you can even drive the tractor………marvellous!   And to add a bit of excitement we arranged for a sanglia (wild boar) to charge past across the field escaping from the Chasse (hunt) …..And then just to top it all good old Loti calved down after lunch so you could watch that………I mean, what an interesting week-end we lay on for our visitors entertainment, I don’t know how we do it!







Ooh, here she comes, as ordered by ‘the Memsahib’ a little grey female, she’ll be happy to see her.
















Drying out and fluffing up nicely.







There’s a pretty girl ……well she is if you’re into alpacas!








So she is the last of our 12 cria for this year, great to finish up with a girl and a grey to boot which makes 8 girls and 4 boys………lovely jubbly!


Just attended an ‘artisans fête’ at Bussiere Poitevine yesterday……….

It was a cracking day weather wise,lovely hot and sunny, we took just three of last years youngsters to show off, much to their disgust being penned up for the day!



It was only a small market, a dozen or so other stalls there but a good few visitors during the day for us to practice torturing the french language again whilst trying to explain the ins and outs of alpaca ownership!





That is the last of the summer fêtes for us now, next up will be the start of the Marche de Noël,(christmas fairs) in November…….unless I’ve forgotten any in October that we should be going to……….hmm, that’s always possible!

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