Mon. 1st Jan. 2018

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   And a Happy New Year to you all, here starts another 365 days of possible chaos and mayham…… well it should be if we’ve got anything to do with it!

All in all I shan’t be sad to say goodbye to 2017, it’s been a funny ol’ year as they say…..I don’t know who the ‘they’ is but ‘they’re’ right, we sold a few of our lovely alpacas at the start of the year and then nothing…..very quiet, no enquiries for the rest of the year, sold some wool and products at fairs and fêtes throughout the year which was good and talked to lots of peeps which is what we’re all about and then we had a bit of a blow in October when we lost one of our founders, old Easter who succumed to a massive worm burden that we were unable to treat in time. Unfortunately in December we had another bit of a kicking when we discovered one of last years boys dead in the field one morning following what appeared to be a dog attack during the night,a heart rending time it is…….enquiries are ongoing!

As said before,” where you have livestock,you also have deadstock” ……there’s the rub.




    On a brighter note, young Lacey, Lotti’s daughter born in September,a month after all the others is doing well…….












And so to the Christmas markets, I had hoped to grab a photie of the ‘pacas here with the concrete sheep of Meziérè but with one thing and another……I forgot until it was too dark!





The three lads, Tribute, Cori and Coinneach did very well with the bright lights,noise and people, bless ’em.





………… that was the Saturday night and then on the Sunday morning they had to do it all again…… all day at the Blond village fête……

            …….cracking spot Grommit, handy if it snows…..or more likely rains!


T’was a trifle worrying with the witches cauldron in the square and the straw sheep being dressed in the background…….it was all a bit ‘The Wicker Man’ film like, somewhat unsettling in a ‘Hammer House of Horror’ sort of way!

We’ve all heard the stories of life in days gone by in these little rural villages……. maybe not so far gone by eh!


…….some weirdo in a red suit was eyeing the lads up, something about putting some bells around their neck and pulling a sleigh but we told him that they haven’t got union cards for that, so sling yer hook!


Well, there we go, 2018 started…….could be a cracker, you never know!!










Fri. 1st Dec. ’17

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Welcome again mes amies,……. eventually, I know it’s been a while again but I guess you’re probably used to that with me these days! ……….Wwooosh, there goes another day,week,month and now it’s  nearly the end of the year! I did keep remembering that I should be putting finger to keyboard and take up my usual fight with the demons of ciberspace that occupy my computer……but then miraculously I always seem to find something far less annoying and stressless to do…… go up on the roof and re-shuffle a few tiles around or maybe even go out poo-picking in the cold and rain!  I love t’internet realy…….huh!

So wot’s occuring then? ……..a small fish (a curring) according to my old mate Rab C Cutler one drunken night at a racemeeting we were at many moons ago,therein lies a different story! See it is always an education wading your way through this drivel!


Bella and Bandit are still ruling the roost up around the barn, taking over the hay feeder as if their’s by right, anyone, alpaca or human who says otherwise gets a horned nudge in the back of the knees…….or higher if you’re not careful!






      Two new inmates have joined our growing troup of late……….

Not the best shot in the world but this is Anik and behind him is Deeks, two six month old Suri boys we aquired from another breeder, who needed weening off  and will join our growing Suri team, welcome boys and hope you enjoy life here.

I don’t know if you remember back in the summer when I was up in Paris at a meeting and Evey had two births at the same time……during a summer storm and one was born jammed under the combine harvester……..yeah? ……..well, look at him now……




one to keep an eye on as he grows.





    The mums and babes have had another change of field last week as we weened off the first seven cria and brought them up to the barn to join Loti and her young girl Lacey,

Poor old Loti has now got a bunch of unhappy youngsters following her around everywhere she goes, sorry girl but someones gotta do it, it’ll only be for a week or two as they find their independence!




All the girls are now together in one large group down in ‘Drop off’ field, 26 of them with babies, but the second batch of cria will be weened off in a month or so and come up to join their mates in the orchard.





The boys new that something was going on…….and ‘Girls’ were probably involved, better line the fence lads just in case, don’t miss a trick this lot!


After this little change round and as the weather seemed set fair for a while I mistakenly thought ” I know, as I’ve got a bit of spare time…..( ? spare time??…who are you kidding pal??!!)  I’ll make a start on underfelting the roof of the old washhouse that is going to become the ‘Boutique’ to display all our alpaca wares”……well………         


It’s a bit of a mess under there by the looks of things! I’ve taken the chimney down……cause we ain’t gonna use it and it’s been leaking like a seive for years by the looks of the rotting timbers…….oh well, it’s only ‘work for the working man to do’ as the song goes! 

What else was I gonna be doing?…….oh yes……..This blog!


See, I said I could always find an excuse not to sit at the dreaded computer!


We attended a ‘Marché de Noël’ (Christmas market) last Friday night which surprisingly was very well attended by both exibitors and punters. I say surprisingly because it was an outdoor market in the towns streets but it turned out to be an appaling day weather wise, rained all day and evening and the organisers had to cancel ‘outside’ and move it to the village hall at the last moment so we didn’t expect many to turn out on a night like that but it was great…….

       Setting out our wares before the unexpected rush! Unfortunately we couldn’t bring the alpacas as we usualy do…….some  nonsense about them being a ‘trip hazard’…….never mind the possible staining of the nice wooden floor with ‘undesirable fluids’ shall we say!

    We have another couple of fairs to do on the run-up to christmas so hopefully the weather will be better to us and allow an outing for the ‘pacas to show themselves off.


Mind you, we have our first dusting of snow this morning………

  The ‘weenlings’ first encounter with ‘the white stuff’……..err where’s me grass gone?   Hope this isn’t the prelude to a long cold winter……it is only just the start of December….still autumn officialy, not winter until the solstice on 21st………..hhmmmm.

Monday 16th October ’17

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        Good morning world, suns just coming up……..not that I’m usualy up at this unearthly hour, don’t know what caused that, I’ll try not to let it happen again, promise!

    So……..what do you think of the updated website then?……….wadya mean Errr… you haven’t looked have you?, you’ve come straight to the blog without noticing the changes haven’t you…..all that work our wonderful ‘webmeister’ and tekno guru Madelaine at Lavender Letters has done updating the site with new animals and products and photos and links etc……..wasted on you lot ain’t it!   ……well go on then, have a look….  No, you carry on I’ll just wait here until you’re done, I don’t mind, it’s not like Im busy or anything is it?! ……huh…………

       Apart from messing around with the website and the usual alpaca related work the gardening side is slowing down now although with the nice weather we’re still having stuff is continuing to grow but not so manicaly now so we have just a little more time to catch up around the ‘funny farm’ here with fence repairs etc. Also I need to make time to search the dreaded internet for a replacement van as our trusty steed has been condemned at the last control (mot)…… dare they!



She’s only 22 yrs old,a mere strippling, I’ve had her for 20 of those years, cost a lot of money back then so I expect a lifetime commitment here…..22 yrs is what? say about a third of the way through getting my moneys worth from a good van really, not that I’m tight or anything but…..well, one expects a bit more stamina and longlife from a working family member. Mind you…….it’s only a bit of corrosion underneath, so she’s a little ‘flakey’ round the edges……aren’t we all dear!  but the ‘garagist’ at the control centre seemed to think it was more major and terminal than that and anyway he said that the powers that ‘be’ have tightened up the rules on corrossion…….and yours is corroded so there! this will be the last time it passes, you will need to do lots of welding to the chassis for the future.

    Hhhrumph……we’ll see about that,  off to a friendly local garage to have a chat with them as mot centres over here do not do work on cars, just the test which is good as there is no incentive for them to ‘make up’ problems to get money from you for shall we say un-needed work……..does that realy happen?, surely not!


     Please sir, can you put my lovely white van up on your ramp in the air so we can have a look under her skirts……..umm, was that crunching noise and the shower of rust one of your jacks going through the chassis lifting point? ok, try a bit further along then. There we go, up in the air she goes, funny how she looks like she’s bowing slightly in the middle as it gets higher, optical illusion I expect caused by the sunlight from that skylight above and the oily film on the ramp posts……aah, that’ll be it then. There follows a short silence as all three mechanics working on other vehicals in the workshop magically cluster beneath my baby and start gently prodding bits with their screwdrivers, ducking and coughing as they disappear in clouds of fine rusty particles descending to the floor, much sucking of teeth and mechanical muttering ensues for several minutes with the ocassional tentative tap with a small hammer,only gently mind, to assertain the amount of metal remaining in certain parts.

    ‘Well?……says I hopefully, what do we reckon good sirs?’…….trying very hard not to look too hard at the near ankle deep pile of rust everyone is now standing in.  ‘Your exhaust is in good nick mate’,says boss man happily, ‘in fact thats a good job ’cause it’s about the only thing holding your engine in still!’  ……bugger!

   So…….time to look for a replacement but this time she’s gotta last at least forty years …………… of course I’ll still be driving then, I’ll only be ninety something and I’ve already got poor eyesight now so I’m ahead of the game on that one, I know how to drive when you can’t see properly…….no worries!

        Alpaca moving time,most are having a change of field, the yearlings and ‘uncles’ have just moved down to Cliff field for some fresh grass,










 much to their enjoyment………

     And for our part we’ve started topping then chain harrowing the used fields to clean them up and airate them for the new growth……looks marvelous if I do say so myself…….proper ‘farmer type’ work for once!

 The five Suri lads getting in some walking practice, they need a bit of a reminder at ‘best behaviour’ but they getting there!  We’ve got: Rutland, Raphael, Roger , Romeo and Velour…………..or in your best Michael Palin Monty Python voice: “Wutland,Waphael,Wodger and Womeo and not forgetting Welor” !

Monday 25th Sept.

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                    Hello there, can I help you?…….if you’re looking for the rest of them they’re just out of shot over there.

I’ll get back to grazing then.

Well, Loti finally popped and had her cria last Saturday, not this saturday gone, a week ago……..yeah I’m sorry, late as usual, so what’s a week between friends,it only seems a couple of days ago!  She was about a week overdue and getting very ‘plump’ shall we say. It was good timing as friends Leanne and Nigel were here to witness the arrival. They arrived from uk on Saturday morning having driven down over night after work on Friday and then were driving back on Sunday ready for work on Monday…….what you call a ‘speed visit’, brilliant and great to see you.


Seeing as you’re here for a couple of hours it would be rude not to help with some work…….oh that’s very kind of you, how about some fencing then? you can even drive the tractor………marvellous!   And to add a bit of excitement we arranged for a sanglia (wild boar) to charge past across the field escaping from the Chasse (hunt) …..And then just to top it all good old Loti calved down after lunch so you could watch that………I mean, what an interesting week-end we lay on for our visitors entertainment, I don’t know how we do it!







Ooh, here she comes, as ordered by ‘the Memsahib’ a little grey female, she’ll be happy to see her.
















Drying out and fluffing up nicely.







There’s a pretty girl ……well she is if you’re into alpacas!








So she is the last of our 12 cria for this year, great to finish up with a girl and a grey to boot which makes 8 girls and 4 boys………lovely jubbly!


Just attended an ‘artisans fête’ at Bussiere Poitevine yesterday……….

It was a cracking day weather wise,lovely hot and sunny, we took just three of last years youngsters to show off, much to their disgust being penned up for the day!



It was only a small market, a dozen or so other stalls there but a good few visitors during the day for us to practice torturing the french language again whilst trying to explain the ins and outs of alpaca ownership!





That is the last of the summer fêtes for us now, next up will be the start of the Marche de Noël,(christmas fairs) in November…….unless I’ve forgotten any in October that we should be going to……….hmm, that’s always possible!

Friday 1st Sept.

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  Welcome to a new month and welcome to some new ‘inmates’ to our Toy Farm!

                        Here be four Suri boys,two studs and two companions to join the four girls,Lacota,Brooklyn,Boomer and Curly Sioux and our brown stud boy Elvis.

……….err, did I mention before that we are breeding Suri’s now?…..No, obviously not, oops, sorry.

                                    We’re breeding Suri’s now!

Ok, well for those who don’t know, Alpacas come in two types, Huacaya’s (or Wooky’s in our slang) and Suri’s. The Wooky is the soft,fluffy ‘teddy bear’ alpaca that you are aquainted with from reading my drivel the last few years and the Suri is the rarer ‘shiny’ dreadlock looking alpaca,coveted for it’s wonderfully lusterous fibre ideal for high-end clothing such as ladies dresses and gentlemens suits. We have thought about diversifying the herd over the last few years as more people have started asking about Suri fibre at the fairs and fêtes but never done anything about it….  until recently when the opportunity arose to throw caution to the wind and purchase some females a few months ago and now another chance to chuck the rest of our money to the small gods of chance and haphazard decisions…….well, what else would we do with it?  only end up giving it to the taxman or some other ner’do well with a hopeless cause!

So please say hello to (the back-ends of):

Bonheur Raffael de Grand Fouilleze.

Bonheur Rutland de Grand Fouilleze.

Bonheur Romeo de Grand Fouilleze.                              and                                          Bonheur Silky Harris de Grand Fouilleze.



       ………..yeah ok, all very pretentious names I know but we’re presenting a class act here, it’s a high-end product we produce so they deserve a bit of ‘upper classery’ in their names….. and it beats Sid or Bert the alpaca in the ‘posh’ stakes ,sorry Sid or Bert no offence meant…….. none taken.   But that’s not all…….Oooh no, we have two more Suri females to come in the next week or so to join the four girls which will give us……….lets see, 4, plus 2, plus the 5 we already have,plus the 3 babies born……..oh my word  14 then!  that’s not bad concidering we didn’t have any a few months ago….. oops a daze!


                                        Mums  and babes were moved to fresh grassy fields recently much to their delight although since then the hot 35c temperatures of late have somewhat ‘browned’ the grass a tad! ……hate to say it but we do need some rain.

 It’s no good you hiding behind that tree Ivor, we can see what you’re up to with Eponine!


…….. matings continue!




       Oh yes I nearly forgot, we had some more slaves over for a weeks ‘work-away’ early August



……Rose and Andy,that’s the way to do it, splash it on all over……no,not on each other. I see son Chris kept well out the way, I think he knows how messsy mum and dad are!




        If all this excitement wasn’t enough we went and ordered some goodies from Peru to compliment our home made stock of wares……….

   A table full of colour, there’s hats,scarves,gloves,bags,soft toys,bracelets,keyrings,pens…..all sorts of goodies.



 Get you cuddly alpaca…..or maybe it’s more Llama’ish toy, good colours though!





                                                                   Bags for…….stuff.

              My mission now, should I accept it is to get all these products onto our website in some coherent order………hhmmm, I’ll get back to you on that!


Tues. 8th August

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You have got to be kidding me……… it can’t be six weeks since last we spoke…really? you should have said something, you know I get lost in this space/time thingy and loose track of …….things, reality,all that un-important stuff just slips past.

     Well, life rattles on and we’ve been up to our ears and elbows in garden work as the weather has been just right for growing,long hot sunny days, a bit of rain, more hot sunny days……the weeds love it and the mowers and strimmers are on overtime!

  June was our busy birthing month with 8 cria born, a couple who needed a week or so of bottle feeding to top-up,but they are all feeding ok from mums now, and then we’ve had another 3 born in July which makes 11, of which 7 are girls and 4 boys, for us this year that is a perfect ratio, last year was a boy year so it’s nice to ballance it out a bit. All are fit and healthy and thriving…..brilliant…….Oh, and Loti is still to birth in September as she was bought pregnant but had been mated late, so still one more to look forward to!

  And of course if we’re birthing then it must be time for mating as well……said the actress to the bishop……..


Issac getting in some practice as he could be quite busy this year, he will be covering quite a few of the girls for us hopefully.




                       Jacques with Amelia and behind is Mo getting fruity with Blaze.



Mo has just started working this year so Blaze is his first ‘bonk’ and I think he was a little over enthusiastic possibly, poor Blaze seems a tad ‘flattened’ by the whole experience, still he’s whispering sweet nothings in her ear by the looks of things, hope she forgives him!



Moving swiftly on………


We have done a few village fetes recently, it now being the summer fete season,  showing off last years youngsters and their products. Not all fetes are well attended or advertised, I got stuck at one 2 day event a couple of weeks ago and probably only spoke to thirty people all weekend……..a bit of a disaster really! never mind, one’s got to do them,you never know what it’s going to be like, some are great.


     Everyone has just been moved around to new fields as the grass is starting to die off now especially up near the house and barns but we still have plenty further down near the pond and the flower meadow that was cut for hay is looking good so all the mums feeding their cria have moved down there, neccessatating the stud boys and weenling groups moving as well because having the studs in a field next to the girls is just chaos, the boys are just beside themselves trying to get to the girls,fueled on high octane testosterone…….it’s never worth the wrecked fences!




A good dusting of D earth has gone down in all the rolly holes which they love to throw themselves around in,which in turn gets rid of a lot of the mites and bugs.




   The weenlings or ‘gobby teenagers’ as we like to call them now are constantly harrassing each other,neck wrestling,chewing an ear,biting ankles,pushing into each other……basicaly anything annoying!  Here we’re on ‘sitting on your head’ and then…..



“let’s have a threesome tangle”

…..boys will be boys.






   Finn and Sherlock being all cutesy,cutsey ”please love me mum”


       Uh oh………….someones collecting clutter again………



Red box on wheels with a yellowy contraption bolted to the front….. yup, you got it it’s a baler……yes you do, makes rectangular’ish bales of hay from mown grass… yes it is old, ….yes,even older than me,thank you for that!….err 1940’s we think and Yes,it works a treat apparantly, I’ll let you know next year when we use it, ha ha.



                             …… oh my gawd,what have you got there?, it’s a horse drawn jiggamething, primarily used for confusing the un-initiated in the black art of farming and archane other strange practices.



……but we seem to be ‘au fait’ with these weirdo cult going’s on so can get away with it…..and it looks good behind Katy !





     ………. have you worked out what it is yet?……No?, shame……………..


       Oh ok then, it’s a turner and rower-upper (not the correct name I know) for the hay prior to baling with the antique baler…….it’s gonna be great fun, or a total fiasco!

   Either way you’ll love it, entertainment all the way!

Thurs. 29th June

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     Ok, what did I say the day before yesterday about busses?………well, I had to leave the ‘memsahib’ on ‘cria watch’ yesterday whilst I went up to Paris with the other Nigel for a meeting with the Minister for Agriculture, unsurprisingly not in person but his ‘Chef du bureau,direction géneral de Alimentation, sous direction santé et protection animales’……..they do like their titles!…….why? you ask would we want to fight our way around the Paris metro system to spend an afternoon in a hot,stuffy meeting room on the umpteenth floor of a faceless office block filled with sombre grey suited government civil servants generating reems of official paperwork to drown us mere peasants in……Good question. Well, a year or so ago a Decree was slipped in below the radar, as in not well publicised and became law this year that all ‘Camelids’ (camels,llamas,alpacas) must now be on a  register with the french horse society for traceability for health protection (why a horse society??,wadda they know about camels?!)……..ok, a registry is good, it is needed I can see that but we already have a European alpaca & llama registry which most of us use as it is free, just make it compulsory to register, end of problem.

    Aah, No, it’s an independant register so the government have no control over it and wouldn’t get any revenue either……..No, we must pay the horse society for each alpaca/llama we have and pay our vets to health check them every year and micro chip them,as this is a specialist veterinary job that only a vet can do and then do the registration via internet…. like the vets have got the time to do this! with french supplied and approved chips only, even though most of us breeders are perfectly capable of chipping them.  So, we were there to put forward our case as to why we think this is an ill conceived and implemented law and we’re not up for playing this game. I for one am not paying my vet a lot of money for doing something I am quite capable of doing and have been doing for years now so if the minister would like, I am quite happy to microchip him just to show him that I can do it and then he can go and ‘get registered’!!

Sorry………I’m going off on one aren’t I, it is the frustration of spending hours banging ones head against a brick wall of bureaucratic blinkered reasoning, no compromise, no common sense allowed!   Anyway, where was I?…….Oh yes,  busses coming at once wasn’t it…. well, whilst we were swaning around Paris  two of the pregnant mums, Sioux and Brooklyn both gave birth at the same time in the middle of a thunderstorm and Sioux had problems birthing…….and Evey was on her own!


Sioux  looking a bit grubby from rolling around on the floor trying to birth her young boy, luckily neighbour Laurel came over to help Eve with them. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to have much milk so we’re bottle feeding every four hours or so for the moment.




  Brooklyn had no probs and popped out a strapping girl, she’s white under the dirt camouflage honest!






Outside to dry off a bit between showers.





A better shot of Tasha’s girl,ten days on, looking good.






And another shot of Trisca’s ‘black face lamb’ or was it “I knew I should have put the lid back on that paintpot”!

Tues. 27th June

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         As I said……Tasha wasn’t going to wait so she popped out a little brown girl a week last Sunday, 8 days early so not too soon and she’s a good weight, a playmate for Amelia’s cria ‘Juno’ and Lacota’s cria ‘Terra’.


I guess that has started the ball rolling now because yesterday morning Tasha’s daughter Celeste followed in mums footsteps and birthed 12 days early!….one upmanship going on here me thinks!


A very dark brown, almost black boy, a little light in the weight department and a little crimpled around the edges, I think he must have been a bit jammed in thats why Celeste popped him out early!







See how he goes and make sure he’s getting plenty of milk to boost him up, bloomin’ flies are a pain at the moment, they cover their faces straight away.


Then blow me down this morning if Blaze didn’t give birth at 8.00am, Yvonne popped out to check everyone at 6.30 and they were all grazing happily, we had breakfast then wandered out and there was another newbie…………..





First time mum ‘Blaze’ popped out this little sweety, unfortunately another boy, this colour would have been lovely for a girl….. never mind. She was actually due tomorrow but was showing no signs of being close so we thought she would probably be late being a first timmer……..wrong!



He started feeding straight off which is always a good sign……might be quite a smart boy then!


………………………… INTERMISSION ………………….


Sorry for slight delay, on ‘cria watch’ as I’m typing this and Trisca who was due to birth yesterday was Very agitated and not comfortable this morning so I just popped out on hourly check-up and…. ……….. Ta DAA…….she’s gone and birthed as we speak!


Welcome to our world young lady……….Yup, a girl, well done Trisc!




Well, she’s a different colour-combo that’s for sure!






Two births today……so far!……’s like waiting for a buses and they all come at once, we’ve still got Brooklyn who is overdue by 6 days who could pop imminently, so interesting times……..current count is 4 girls and 2 boys……….love it!



Monday 12th June

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  ‘allo, ‘allo,’allo……….S’mee again………….Look……..


                             ………now there’s a look of attitude from someone only half an hour old!

Yup, Amelia finally gave birth yesterday miday after 357 days cooking her, 8 days short of a year out popped…….errhaven’t got a name for her yet (or for Lakota’s cria last week either!)





Not a very clear shot but she’s a mini-me of mum,lovely dense curly fleece by the looks of things and a fiesty little madam, came out at 7.5kgs and was up on her feet in 10 mins. running and crashing into the others in half an hour…….brilliant!





Instead of ‘line dancing’ we have trained our ‘pacas in the new art of ‘line sunbathing’……..




They have taken very well to it so far and with more hot,sunny weather likely they should become quite profficient by the end of summer!





Well, that’ll do for now, next due to birth will be suri ‘Brooklyn’ in 10 days time followed by Tasha and Trisca a week later…….that’s if Tasha waits that long……unlikely as she’s looking very uncomfortable now and usually pops them out early!


The ‘memsahib’ has been busy planting this spring and the front of house is looking very colourful now……..lovely.


Sunday 4th June

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Back again like a bad smell I am…….sorry but I thought you’d like to know whilst it’s still fresh news…….ok, I’ve been beaten by ‘her’ and facebook but for those of us not on facebook it’s new news!




Yesterday lunchtime Lacota finally decided it’s time to stop cooking it and serve it up………..





Unfortunately after all the lovely dry weather we have had she decided to pick the one wet miserable day to deliver,so came in and dropped her cria on the nice dusty, now muddy floor, well done Lacota! Handfulls of hay quickly scattered around to make things a bit better but she is well grubby. I think she was white’ish before she hit the ground but now…….who knows,any shade of dirty brown!……..Yup,she’s a she so that’s always a good start to the years birthings.




Aah, that’s better, a different day and a bit of sunshine today.






                       A shaggy little criter she is and definately two tone,half white and half fawn, not good for showing but a dream fibre for the spinners and knitters.


And we’ve just started getting next years births from the planning stage to phase one, T minus 345 days and counting………



Our Issac is going to get a bit of work this year, lucky boy……mind you I think he might be in for a pleasant surprise in a moment……is that a threesome coming up?






Jorja has had enough by now and rolled onto her side, looking for her cigarettes no doubt!   Issac’s just Sooo happy to get a bonk!




Oh yes, on the last post I did mention that there may be a reason for the ‘new box’ the slaves have made……..well here it is………………………


Fergus posing outside the ‘new box’, a nice new field shelter for the boys in ‘Pond field’.





A very professional looking box I must say, full credit to the Slaves for a cracking job….. obviously the roof and fencing (still to be finished by the way) are the icing on the cake so to speak……oh yes, they were done by my good self……after the slaves had gone leaving half a shelter completed…..but hey, would I mention that?…….of course not!


Oh well, that’ll do for now,  see ya soon……….